TX300i MY23

Receiving multiple technical upgrades for 2023, the TX 300 comfortably retains its place as the leading offroad 300cc 2-stroke on the market today. Housed inside an all-new frame that offers improved handling, a new, compact engine features an electronic exhaust control for enhanced power delivery in every gear. With the internal components positioned to further centralise rotating mass, the engine continues to play a vital role in the outstanding agility that the TX 300 is known for. Expertly assembled with premium and essential offroad components as standard, the versatile machine benefits from exceptional build quality for guaranteed performance and reliability. Movement on the motorcycle is made easier for 2023 thanks to the all-new bodywork, which is finished with a Swedish- inspired colour scheme for a truly distinctive look.


Matt Woods
The new generation TX 300 engine is at the pinnacle of
2-stroke performance and weighs just 52.6 lb. Complete
with the latest technical innovations for 2023, the TX 300
receives significant updates with Electronic Fuel Injection
(EF) and electronic exhaust control reducing running
costs, removing the need for jetting changes, and
improving reliability. The result is a tailormade power
delivery for each gear and every situation. The known E-
Start adds to the simplicity of this popular model and
guarantees fast starting in all conditions.


The 6-speed gearbox is manufactured exclusively by
Pankl Racing Systems and ensures the highest level of
durability and reliability. For 2023, a redesigned shift
drum and shift fork improve overall leverage, which
ensures significantly smoother and more precise shifting.
A revised gear lever tip design prevents dirt build-up.

Lightweight Frame

The proven chromium molybdenum steel frame is refined
for 2023 to reposition rotational masses inside the
engine which together with a new shock mounting
position, significantly improves anti-squat behaviour of
the chassis. With optimised wall thickness in high-stress
areas improving reliability, the frame continues to offer
advanced geometries and flex characteristics aimed at
providing unparalleled rider feedback, energy absorption,
and exceptional straight-line stability. The frame is
finished off in a premium metallic blue powder coating
with redesigned standard frame protectors offering
superior protection, durability, and grip in any condition
Additionally, the inclusion of forged brackets on the
lower frame rails allows for easy installation of the
standard skid plate.

WR XACT Front Suspension

The 48 mm split air W XACT forks now offer improved
bottoming resistance thanks to a new hydrostop, which
applies a progressive damping force in the last 40 mm of
travel for even greater comfort. The WP forks are
designed with a capsulated, adjustable air spring and
pressurized oil chamber for smooth action and
consistent damping. Oil and air bypasses reduce
pressure peaks and in combination with a midvalve
damping system, the forks provide precise feedback to
the rider. The settings are easily adjusted via the single
air pressure pre-load valve, as well as through easy
access click adjusters for compression and rebound. For
improved durability, new fork protection rings prevent dirt
intrusion. Additionally, the air pump needed to adjust the
fork’s air pressure is provided as standard.

Brembo Hydraulic Clutch and Braking Systems

The high-performance Brembo hvdraulic clutch system
guarantees even wear, near maintenance-free operation
and perfect modulation in every condition. Meaning that
play is constantly compensated so that the pressure
point, and function of the clutch remain identical in cold
or hot conditions, as well as over time. Countless hours
of race-focused testing have proven the high-quality,
Italian-made Brembo hydraulic systems exceptional
The highest level of quality is guaranteed with class-
leading Brembo callipers made from single pieces of
aluminum for strength at the lowest possible weight.
Together with a 260 mm front and a 220 mm rear disc
removing dirt efficiently, superior stopping power and
braking confidence is guaranteed in all conditions.

Technologically Advanced

The introduction of Electronic Fuel Injection on the TX
300 brings many benefits. The ECU from Vitesco
constantly analyses the running condition of the engine
and delivers the perfect air/fuel ratio at all times through
the state-of-the-art 39 mm Keihin throttle body. The
exciting addition of EFl allowed our engineers to develop
two different engine maps, which can easily be selected
via the handlebar-mounted switch for a personalised
riding experience. Additionally, an important reed valve
revision improves intake tract sealing and prevents
excess fuel build up in the engine on extreme up or
downhill sections for clean running at all times.
The new Engine Management System (EMS) is designed
to be smaller and lighter while being faster at processing
data. It incorporates a new rollover sensor (ROS) which
cuts the ignition and shuts off the engine for safety in the
event of a severe crash, adding another level of safety to
the Husqvarna Motorcycles’ new generation line-up.

  • Technical Details

    TRANSMISSION 6-speed
    STARTER Electric starter
    STROKE 72 mm
    BORE 72 mm
    CLUTCH DDS multidisc clutch in oil bath, hydraulically activated
    DISPLACEMENT 293.2 cm³
    EMS Vitesco Technologies EMS
    DESIGN 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine

  • Chassis

    WEIGHT (WITHOUT FUEL) 100.3 kg
    FRONT BRAKE Disc brake
    REAR BRAKE Disc brake
    CHAIN X-Ring 5/8 × 1/4”
    FRAME DESIGN Central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 steel
    REAR SUSPENSION WP XACT Monoshock with linkage

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