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Sidi is a world-class manufacturer of premium, Italian-crafted motorcycle boots, socks, and accessories. The company has over six decades of excellence in its belt, and it remains a top competitor in the market. Through the years, Sidi has pioneered various footwear technology that changed the landscape of the motorcycle world. The brand showcased its expertise in innovation combined with its flair and style, from ergonomic closure systems to efficient composite soles. Sidi Cycling Shoes are designed with classic silhouettes partnered with vibrant colours to give riders a timeless look with a unique edge. Behind the Brand Founded in 1960 by Dino Signori, Sidi has always been a sports footwear icon. When Dino Signori was ten years old, he already started working at a shoe company in Veneto, Italy. When he turned 25, he started designing his own brand of hiking and ski shoes, and he sold them at nearby stores. He began Sidi at his parents’ apartment with humble beginnings, but as the business grew, he moved to an old stable. Years later, he was able to secure a 400 square-meter factory. In 1969, Sidi started manufacturing its world-renowned motorcycle and motocross boots. Motorsports was beginning to gain popularity, and Sidi became a reputable name in the industry. Because of Sidi’s superb quality and innovative designs, the brand continued to grow into one of the world’s top motorcycle boot manufacturers. Today, Sidi is a global company with over 250 employees. It continues to produce superior motorcycle boots for various riding disciplines. Why Choose Sidi Motorcycle Boots Its best-selling Sidi Flame Youth Boots may be made for aspiring young riders, but it’s up to par with adult professional standards. These Sidi Shoes are made with technomicro microfibre and suede for long-lasting performance and durability. These Flame Boots are constructed with replaceable and adjustable cam-lock buckle system and retention straps, similar to Crossfire Boots for adults. These boots are also made with an anti-skid rubber sole partnered with a nylon insole that includes removable arch support. These Sidi Shoes are also made with a fixed shin plate, and they are lined with Cambrelle and Air Teflon mesh. The Sidi X-3 Boots is another top seller here at Shark Leathers. These boots are perfect for off-roading riding as they are jam-packed with pro-level features that take your performance to the extreme. The X-3 Boots have hinged ankle support, an adjustable cam-lock buckle system, and anti-skid soles. They are purpose-built for the adrenaline-filled world of dirt bike riding, and they are designed to empower athletes to ride to their limits. The boot’s base material is made with laminated technomicro, and the soles have an excellent rear brake feel. The X-3 also offers an inner heat shield, and the heels are rigid and shock-resistant. Why You Need Sidi Motorcycle Boots While motorcycle riding boots add a certain style and vibe for riders, their looks are just a d